Saturday, September 26, 2009

You never know who you'll meet!

We found that people were reluctant to enter our grove so the San Chez staff suggested we write on the floor in chalk to encourage people to wander through.  It's made a big difference and people really are wandering through.  San Chez has actually set up a small  table for people to dine in the grove, which Earle and I will  definitely have to do before we leave this great town!  Today is a very busy day here and crowds of people are on the streets and in the venues.  We were really excited to recognize Rick DeVos, the genius behind this ArtPrize event, actually wandering our grove. It gave us a chance to introduce ourselves and thank him for offering this stellar opportunity to participate in this incredible event!   We've seen him around town and are convinced he will see every ArtPrize entry!  How cool is that?