Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Grandma Called this her GRIP . . .

. . . I call it my new suitcase. Thirty-four bucks at Ross plus I got the Senior Tuesday Discount. Couldn't afford NOT to buy it. Plus, I'm gonna need more than my little 21-incher since I'll be gone two solid weeks - and we decided to stuff our suitcases with the new bookmarks to avoid shipping costs and insure on-time delivery. Nobody's gonna confuse this monster with their little black American Tourister at the baggage carousel. Nix on the hatbox - I just couldn't resist throwing it in this post to mix it up a little bit. I would never, ever, combine monochromatic geometrics with vintage florals. Would you??? The hatbox has been been hanging around on a shelf since we brought it back from Manhattan Beach - it really deserves a fresh start. But, believe me, it won't be at ArtPrize and c'mon . . . who wears a hat?

The anticipation is really building with the latest YouTube Video of ArtPrize 2009. Check it out to see a hint of the extraordinary work that's already been installed - along with a bonus peek at some of the city. Oh, and by the way, we made some interesting inroads to opening up the dialog about our work today. Details soon!

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