Thursday, September 24, 2009

The KEYS to the City!

You're really looking at the Keys to the City here!  You probably know Earle, but the two with the red t-shirts that say "ask me" are part of a team of scads of volunteers.  Meet Char and Lowell who serve as ArtPrize "wayfinders".  Then there's the volunteer ArtPrize store associates, the registrars, the guides, security and so many other behind the scene's people.  It's not like going to a store and never being able to find someone to help.  All these folks are on it and they are that midwest kinda friendly that makes you feel right at home.  Turns out Char has a cousin I went to school with in '67  back at Richfield High - home of the Spartans! Our colors were red and white - just like the shirts!  My feet are killing me but there's still no way you could keep a smile off my face.