Friday, September 18, 2009

Wipe that grimace off your face

Woke up this morning after an icky dream and felt just a little crummy inside as I tried to remember what it was about.  Then I opened an email from an old friend that wiped that uneasy feeling right off my face and replaced it with a smile that started out as the tiniest of grins and grew to a full blown, close your eyes, lift your chin, light your face smile. The sun's up, the birds are chirping  and I'm on my way to make art in my classroom.   When I return from GR, this is what my students will find in our studio:

It's my re-creation of the stone age cave walls. Made out of leftover kraft paper and single face corrugated used to package my panels.  The students will get to carve into the corrugated with little stick twigs, draw figures and animals with  earthy pastels and use their hands as stencils as we spray the outline with school paint.   I hope they'll be as awed, overwhelmed and ecstatic as those four boys and their dog who fell through a hole in the ground and discovered the caves of Lascaux.   Watch out! That's what art can do to you!