Sunday, September 27, 2009

There's More to Come

This piece is from the Western Michigan School for Arts and Technology.   It reminded me of Devorah Sperber's work at BAM this summer.   It's a mosaic of tiny, digitized art files from the student's work at WMSAT.

Speaking of mosacis, this is just a portion of a mosaic on the exterior wall of the Children's Museum which is right across the street from MWSAT.  The fellow with his hand in the air is one of the collaborators that has donated this piece to the museum.  It sparkles in the sunlight and screams of the delightful work of children and their art.  I'm certain this will have to place in the top 25.

I hope when you click on this image the photo will expand so you can see all the artificial flowers attached to the outside of this abandoned building.  It's right in the heart of the city.  The artists who collaborated on this one call it Project Propogate.  They made a plea to the public to donate artificial flowers to get people to pay attention to the site.  No doubt about it, you can't miss it.   It actually reminded me of my niece, Dana, who has a yoga studio in NYC and San Francisco.  When I visited several years ago she had decorated the whole wall outside of her NY studio, Laughing Lotus, with artificial flowers.   I'll have to ask her what ever happened to all those flowers.