Monday, September 28, 2009

Did you ever have a pair of Red Ball Jets?

On the back of each heel there was a little Red Ball.  This was long before Nike, Teva or Merrill.   It was the age of Buster Brown, when they took x-rays of kid's feet to insure the proper fit and maybe even just for the thrill of it!  Red Ball Jets were darn cool sneakers as I remember.  But nothing compared to this giant red ball that's currently listed in the top 25 at ArtPrize. I have yet to see it, but the artist was one of the first to register with ArtPrize last summer.   This is Kurt Perschke’s Red Ball Project, and the photo is from his June 2009 installation in Toronto. 

It's a gloomy, cold and rainy day here in GR.  The kinda day when the leaves are just beginning to be released from their branches, the wind makes ripples in the blueblack puddles near the street corner gutters, and you just wanna hunker down with a colorrful afghan, a cup of tea and a book of Billy Collins' poetry.  Deborah has arranged exactly that for me, so I'll hunker for awhile and then I might just head back out in search of the Red Ball.  But I'll be remembering an early autumn day back in ol' Minnie, skipping over puddles in my brand new Red Ball Jets.