Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chances Are

Things keep changing. And then some things never seem to change.

The photo you're looking at is a clothesline of tarlatans used for wiping copper plates. It was taken a few years ago in Jill Fitterer's printmaking class at Boise State. But it probably looks the same this year as last year and the year before that. Some things never change.

On the other hand, sometimes things continuously change. It's what keeps us on our toes and awake at night. When Earle and I first connected with ArtPrize, Dan was our go-to guy. A few weeks ago, Jes became our go to person. And today, we were told Christine will be our new contact. I know everything will turn out swell, (it nearly always does) but we have a nearly 5'x 5'x5' crate chock full of our work that arrived yesterday and it's just a weeee bit larger than they imagined. We've been offered some solutions such as unpack and discard the crate (ouch), keep it sealed and store it off site . . . it's still up for grabs.

In the scheme of things, it's no big deal. Yet my brain comes up with worst-case scenarios. That's when I close my eyes and think about the sweet simple things, like a rainbow of tarlatans, a warm copper plate in my hand and the rich heavy scent and buttery texture of Charbonnel ink. Before long I'll be back in my studio with a gizillion ideas, tubes full of Charbonnel, copper plates and a string of tarlatans . . .

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