Saturday, September 26, 2009


I walked outside tonight to get a couple of shots of our work from the outside looking in.  What I didn't realize until I reviewed the images, was the reflection of the city buildings on the window that frames one of my panels.  We pretty much spent all day inside alongside our work. This image is a great reminder that no matter what we're doing, or thinking about, our stressing about, or whether we're having a great time or not so great time, the world is still turning and we can get a much richer picture when we get the chance to expand our perspective and look at familiar things in a new way.

We met some extraordinary people tonight.  Tomorrow is our big day - it's the traveling brunch which will celebrate  a number of nearby venues and artists - including San Chez.

Then we'll have Monday  and time to check out more venues and come Thursday, my daughter, Jessica, will be arriving to check out more art.  I'm hoping to take a day trip and drive to Lake Michigan and check it out.

The leaves are starting to change here, just as I imagine they are doing back in Boiz-wah.  I'm looking forward to  a walk along the lake and maybe swishing through some real leaves rather than the paper remnants that I left scattered on the floor in my home studio . . .