Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Day Today!

Today's M.Live.com story about Earle,  the WZZM TV News story about our venue, San Chez, and my house mother, Deborah's invite on Facebook to our Tree Cutting Party tomorrow night is enough to make our heads big enough that we'll have to go to the corner to turn around!  We did get by Roger Rowley's venue today at the Art Council of Grand Rapids.   Unfortunately, Roger was only in town for a day, so we didn't get to introduce ourselves, but we loved his photo installation.  The picture I took was pretty lame, so I'm going to include a link to his ArtPrize page (I just realized I've spelled his name with an "a" not an "o" so I corrected it here and will try to catch the previous misspellings.)

I'm adding just a few more photos from the remainder of our day, so take a look.   Here's Earle posing by a starburst of traffic cones.

Looks like my camera had a slight case of the blues here, but you can still see some of the ArtPrize signage.

We met the artist of these ceramic pieces tonight and Meegan bought one!  I would've bought one, too,  if I had some spare cash, but . . .

This is a scene across the  Grand River from the fish ladder. It was on our way back to meet Meegan and we decided to stroll along the river. Earle and I stopped by the fish ladder the other day and watched the salmon climb up the ladder.  The fisherman are out here like mad fishing all day long.  If you enlarge this one you'll be able to see a few in their waders.

That's it. Gone fishin'