Monday, September 14, 2009

Install Attire

I am probably not mistaken when I say at least fifty per cent of the 1254 ArtPrize artists are citizens of Michigan. And I imagine the majority of them will have installed their work and be relaxing at San Chez with family and friends long before our plane leaves Boise. We know work has begun on a metal fish sculpture to be installed in the Grand River. And there’s been an abundance of publicity about Nessie, the high-density foam river monster whose boundless, yet truncated form will emerge from the water’s surface revealing only portions of its enormous beginning, middle and end. But we’ll be ready. We found Ric Carroll on Facebook. He has tools, expertise, energy and a great sense of humor to help with our install. We have a day and a half to get it done and I’ve deemed my new comfy-cushy ruby red Minnetonka Moccasins “install attire.” Don’t you always feel confident in a new pair of red shoes?

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