Monday, September 28, 2009

Steel Ballet

This is Terrence Karpowicz's steel and polymer sculpture Pettite Passe  that sits at the East entrance of the Blue Bridge and now holds a place in the Top 25.  I know, I posted a photo of this blue pedestrian bridge earlier when I introduced Nessie who resides in the Grand River.  This bridge hovers over Nessie the river monster (also in the Top 25), allows pedestrians protection from this mammoth creature and provides a fine stroll across the river.  I get a sense this bridge is the heart and soul of the city.  It is a highly visible venue and has brought success to all the fine artists that secured this location to showcase their work.   Sarah Grant  holds a place in the Top 25 with her massive table and chairs that sits atop the bridge and appears in an earlier post.  A nearly 20' stainless steel mobius strip by artist Plamen Yordonoff  flanks the west bank entrance to the bridge and has earned a Top 25 slot along with Michael Westra's welded steel kinetic sculpture and both beg the viewer to stop and examine. Last, but definitely not least, is Nathaniel Mabie's cement, steel and found object sculpture, Follow the Leader, which holds a position in the Top 50 as of this writing.   And not far from Nessie, in the Grand River, is The Grand Dance, another Top 25 sculpture, by artist David Lubbers.   This is a must-see venue, especially for those that are looking for the potential winners in the top ten category before the announcement early Thursday morning.  I sure hope the public will continue to seek out the remaining 1252 great works of art that found their way in to a mere three mile radius in the center of this happenin' Midwestern city.