Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Opening Night

At 10:00 PM, over 10,000 people had registered to vote  and  the bigger venues were packed to the brim, but we still had a good turnout at San Chez.   I was mistaken that we had to be finished by noon - it was actually six and we finished just in the nick of time.   The artist from Atlanta got her work in time and  we were happy to give her a roll of monofilament to help with her install.  Although we haven't seen her work yet, here's just a few photos of some of the work we did see.  Please excuse some of the snapshots and excuse me for not posting  the artists names tonight.  I hope to get back in later with that critical information.

The little objects inside the arrows appeared to be white capsules (pills) and the work was one of my favorites at the Old Federal Building.

This is a set of encyclopedias that have been sculpted with cutouts and  inlaid with imagery.

The photo doesn't do this justice - it's a futuristic cityscape made out of donated wire and tiles.   You can click on these images to see them expanded and you might be able to get a better idea of details, etc.

This is one of a series of 3 large cut paper panels.  The paper looks similar to the photo backdrop paper I use, but it's a larger size and the artists paints the backside which causes the color to reflect on the wall and shine through the filagree.

I'll add more tomorrow and now it's time to hit the hay!