Thursday, September 10, 2009

And Speaking of Neon Autumn Aspen Colors . . .

Isn't this just spectacular? I know, I know I posted another photo of these trees earlier, but that lovely little technology recovery photo in my last post reminded me so much of this one from last year I just had to post it. Plus, I promised myself I'd make a daily post and it's already tomorrow and time to get up to fly to Minneapolis in a few hours. The sister of my oldest friend on the planet (she's not the oldest, the relationship is) sent me a RT ticket to celebrate Patti's big birthday this year. Not bad, huh? So I leave tomorrow for a quick non-stop week-end of fun and fabulous memories with a trip to her lake home in Northern Minnesota. I'm not sure exactly where it is, but I'm hoping we go through Brainard, so I can say hi to Paul Bunyon and his little pet, Babe the Blue Ox . . . then stop in Nissua for a pair of moccasins. I can always use a pair of new shoes! Oh and Walleye, I'm going to eat Walleye. And NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT, I am NOT going to the Mall of America. Good grief!

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