Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Steady Diet of Non-Leafy Greens

Or should I say a steady diet of leafy non-greens? I missed a day of posts while I was at ISU installing.  Earle had a conflict, so Kirk and I loaded the truck yesterday morning. The Gallery Director, Amy Jo Popa, arranged for 3 great grad students, Kristen, Lee and Mike to help with the install and they were a godsend.  Plus it was great to meet new artists and talk the talk.   Got me in shape for the days of dialogue ahead.

During our installs, Earle’s the main man for the network of overhead cables. So he sent me off with a toolbox and bolts that gave me the impression I could single-handedly repair the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis, if it ever collapses again.   When I say I was equipped, I was EQUIPPED.  (Just another growth opportunity waiting to happen, I silently fretted.)   Well, I think the grad students immediately intuited my feigned aplomb and rushed to my rescue.  The wires went up, the panels and castings were hung and Amy Jo deserved a standing ovation for the lighting.

So this is what I looked like doing last minute finishing on the leaves this morning.  And this is what I’ll look like day after tomorrow doing last minute finishing on the leaves that morning.  Like I said earlier:  some things never change.

By the way, if you're ever in Pocatello don't miss Buddy's Italian Restaurant.  Took me to Rusciano days in Minneapolis.  Bene, bene!