Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh, my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

I know, I know, that's been done a g'zillion times, but it's my belated ode to Mary Travers.   And long, longggggggg ago she made a sentimental, sensitive, overly romantic, fantasyland teenager weep with that song - and after all I will be flying through Minneapolis today, where I first heard that memorable song.  And it is true, I am packed and I am ready.

April came over last night and watched me pack and repack while we desperately tried to catch up with each other's escapades.  She'll be driving me to the airport in a just a few minutes, but I wanted to get my last Boise post in before the journey to Grand Rapids.

This is the last site I will see  before I head down the steps to the door - it's our Bassett Louie, who I refer to as mighty "Lucifer" waiting for me to leave so he can  sneakily jump on the bed.     And you thought Bassets were dumb!  Wish me luck.