Monday, September 28, 2009

Neighborhood Treasures

This has been a great day to re-coop and get to know the Woods a little better.  Deborah read me a poem she wrote that won an award this last year and brought me some yummy pastries from Van's Pastry (a local favorite bakery) - windmill cookies, macaroons and a death by chocolate frosted cream puff.   When she declined part of it, I cut it in half and ate it over the sink.  The other half was staring me in the face like I was an idiot to leave it on the counter, so I cut that half into quarters and consumed it.   "It's the frosting" said Deborah as I inhaled the last quarter.

I had time to recover so we could go out for dinner to Brick Road Pizza (it's on one of the charming brick roads that wander throughout GR) and Tom, Deborah and I split a mouthwatering masterpiece. We took a tour through some of GR's grand neighborhoods including a Frank Lloyd Wright tour de force.  One of the neighborhoods reminded me of Warm Springs, complete with an Old Children's Home that has been recently renovated.   I snapped this picture right at dusk.

Tomorrow I'll get back in the ArtPrize groove and get to work and out and about to fill in the blanks on my venue dance card.   There's so much more to see:  The UICA,  The GRAM, Kendall College of Art and Deisgn, The Arts Council.  Stop me here because I've barely scraped the tip of the ArtPrice iceberg.