Friday, September 4, 2009

Autumn Art

This is near Stanley where I spent a ton of time last year researching aspens and arborglyphs for the work. I'll miss a fall trip again this year to witness their autumn glory. Not that I won't be busy enough in Grand Rapids. Get this: over 1200 artists from around the world exhibiting at over 150 ArtPrize Venues. Earle and I have just 14 days to see them all. That's roughly 85 artists per day! Plus time to attend all the openings . . . host a happy hour . . . join the Art Walks . . . engage with other artists at "Slide Wars" . . . attend all of the Lunch Box series . . . brunches . . . ArtPong . . . dine on tapas at San Chez and hear Michael Kaiser, President of the JFK Performing Arts Center in DC, who'll speak about his book, "The Art of Turnaround: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Arts Organizations.

ArtPong you ask? Come on! No self-respecting art event would neglect their responsibility to offer artists a chance to hobnob over "the age-old icebreaker of tournament ping pong." Ew, where's my paddle?

Coming soon! A sneak peak at the final disaster in the studio where the panels were pierced.

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