Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They once were lost and now they're found!

You might recall that I mentioned in an earlier post that I had taken photos of our shipping crate before Earle hauled it off to the carrier. When I returned from packing the crate, I managed to erase all the images on my card while I was loading the photos on my desktop. Welcome to my world. Kirk told me to go to the Lexar site and explain my problem on their "live chat." Oh, goodie, I thought, another technology growth opportunity! Well I did the live chat thing and learned I might "maybe" recover the images with a $40 application. I chose NOT to buy the application and chose TO whine in their follow-up email by indicating my disappointment that there was no "free" solution. Then, lo and behold,an email arrived in my inbox today. Lexarsupport sent a recovery download for free! And after just a few tries I installed it, recovered over 2000, count 'em, 2000 images and went looking for my dozen images of the crate in a pile of 2000. And, I found them! And I have to tell you that I have no earthly idea how this one exploded into these outrageously neon autumn aspen colors, but it did. This odd little triptych shows Earle at the bottom left reaching down to his daughter, Isabella, who is reaching up on the top left, both alongside a portion of the crate on the right. Go figure.

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