Thursday, September 3, 2009

Freight on Board!

The crate is packed! Signed, sealed, delivered, it's on it's way. Funny how things just seem to work out sometimes. About a month ago I went to the Boise Art Museum's garage sale and discovered they were giving away shipping crates - for FREE! It might have been the same day as the Twilight Criterion. Anyway, it was a great opportunity, but I drive a Honda Civic and Earle was out of town and BAM wanted them out of the warehouse by the end of day. Well, I talked with Earle the next day, told him about the great deal and was meanwhile hoping maybe BAM hadn't disposed of them. Sure enough, Earle got in contact with the crew, they were still available and he loaded up the crate on his trailer and we became the proud owners of a nearly 5' x 5' x 5' shipping crate.

So today we loaded my 18 aspen panels, 23 canopies and I need to confirm with Earle exactly how many castings he packaged up. Everything fit perfectly. My 17+ years selling packaging served me well. And Earle was a genius in designing his own cartons for the castings. It was a beautiful thing. I even took some great photos. The only problem is I just now accidentally deleted the images from my flash card. Rattzle Frattzle! I'm working on a photo recovery option as I write. So, here's a photo of the exhibition at the Rosenthal Gallery taken by photographer Jan Boles last spring. Take a look, then close your eyes and just imagine how perfectly it all fit in the BAM hand-me-down crate. The castings and panels will be putting on some miles. Eighteen hundred and fifty-seven according to mapquest. I hope that rig has a "How's my Driving" sticker on the tailgate with a legitimate 800 number listed below.

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