Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two more days till home!

Jessica arrived in the wee, wee hours of the morning.  She was pounding on the hotel room door and calling me on the phone and barely brought me out of my deep, deep sleep! But we still got up bright and early to fight the traffic to return my car, meet Earle at San Chez to hang price tags on the work, check out a few more venues and  head to Holland, MI to see the lighthouse that Karen Brown recommended.  It's another one of those cold, rainy fall days here and it's great being able to spend it with my daughter.

Grand Rapids is known for design and innovation and they have a brand new product here that I bet you will soon be stocking in your very own pantry!   Water in a box.  Well, think about it.  We've definitely discovered that bottles don't work, so why not water in a box.  ArtPrize has given their official approval by selling it all their registration stations in wonderful little coolers that say say "Hello."   Here's my baby Jess with her fresh box of water.  The carton reads: "Boxed Water is Better."  Coming soon to a convenience store near you!

We're staying at the Marriott - across the street from The Bob (Big old building) and from our window there's a perfect view of a piece from a European artist.  I've been looking all over for the artist's name and the title  on the ArtPrize site and just can't seem to find it.   The title was something like "Le Bebe." and it was originally intended to be displayed on the floor, so people could crawl on top and snuggle in.  I bet the artist was really disappointed that he came all the way from Europe to learn that his piece would not  be allowed to be installed indoors and  on the floor for the intended viewer interaction.  Instead, it was placed outside on top of a 12' makeshift lean-to attached to the outside of the big ol' building.  I was looking forward to flouncing on it myself.   SDF, as I have been known to say.  (BTW, It's the huge white doll-like figure on the right  - across from the tent.)

Okay, I have dozens more picture of the "also rans" and they really are worth checking out.  But I'll be doing the checking out right now, cuz it's nearly dinner time and I'm ready for a glass of Pinot.  Good luck to all the Bosconians out there this week-end!

A presto!
Cin Cin!