Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It seems like yesterday!

But it was well over a week ago.  Earle and I are both back home and we were, of course,  immediately thrown back into our real lives.  You know, father and fireman, grandma, teacher and student.  But there's still a lot to tell.  And that is:  WE LEARNED A LOT!  The hard way.

Well, I don't mean to suggest we have regrets.  But we did learn that although we had months to plan ahead and two full weeks in Grand Rapids, there were a few things we just hadn't prepared ourselves for.

Well, we knew we were going to have to hire someone to take down our exhibition and ship it back to us because we  had hired our new friend, Ric to help with the install deadline as well as to help with the tricky ladder work.  And boy are we glad we did!   But after spending money on registrations fees, airplane tickets, installation kits,  promotional materials, hardware for installing, car rental, parking, parking, parking, parking, food, fuel, three nights in a hotel, souvenirs, a guest book, photocopies, color printing, complimentary appetizers and supplies for our "Community tree" night,  (and I"m sure Earle could add at least a dozen more expenses), we came up with a PLAN.

Here's how it went:  We knew we were going to offer our hosts each a tree, a canopy and a casting for their extreme generosity and hospitality.  We also knew it was gonna be a devil of a time getting someone to reassemble the wooden crate that was taken apart at San Chez before we arrived.   We know why they had to do it.  Take the crate apart, that is.   San Chez is the busiest (and best)  restaurant in Grand Rapids.   They have to store all the fresh ingredients they use, and all their supplies and the space that was available in the cellar, by way of a small freight elevator, is downright miniscule.  So, it meant reassembly of the 5' x 5' x 5' crate  would take a magician and be complicated and cramped, at best.

So, after reviewing all of our spending, spending, spending, we came up with the idea to sell individual pieces of the work to help with the  return shipping and to maybe recover some of the "bukoo" (my own spelling)  bucks  it cost to get us and Immigrant Shadows to Grand Rapids.

Stay tuned!  The plot thickens - and this way you won't be able to read ahead till I have more time to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth!