Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leaving My New Home

Well my bags are packed and I thought I'd make one last post before I leave Tom and Deborah's home.  These folks have been awesome, gracious and lovely hosts.  But imagine how cool you'd have to be to offer your home to a complete stranger for two weeks! I'm gonna miss them and will definitely stay in touch with my new friends.  I'm moving to the Marriott tonight because my daughter, Jessica, is arriving late, late tonight. We plan to drive to Lake Michigan and do a little touring - along with checking out some of the venues that are still on my dance card.  Plus she's been studying San Chez's menu for a month, so I'm sure we'll work through the tapas menu.

And speaking of San Chez, the staff have been incredible and I just have to post this photo of Cindy, the General Manager who is beloved by the whole San Chez team.  I hadn't even realized she was in the restaurant celebrating her birthday the other night when suddenly, in the midst of the din of the dining and the buzz of imbibing, a deep rich voice silenced a record breaking crowd.  Down the broad center staircase in two lines marched the entire staff, their voices joined gloriously in "Happy Birthday!"  It was mesmerizing and instantly reminded me of that scene in Auntie Mame, when the staff pours down that magnificent 5th avenue penthouse staircase in song.

Happy (belated) birthday Cindy!