Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweet ISU!

Boy, if you ever get a chance to exhibit at ISU, you'll feel like you died and went to heaven!  We were treated so well and had such a good time.   Earle was out of town when I went down two days before ArtPrize to hang the show, but it was really a snap with all the help of the grad students and  Gallery Director, Amy Jo Popa.

Then Earle left this Thursday afternoon for the closing and was there bright and early on Friday to have a chance to chat with art students about our collaborative  process and our growing exhibition schedule.  He had a great time meeting the grad students in their studios and sharing the triumphs and perils of organizing a collaborative exhibition, applying for grants and taking the exhibition a few thousand miles away to ArtPrize.

I left right after teaching on Friday afternoon and arrived just minutes before the beginning of our closing reception -  with just enough time to change out of my dusty pastel covered jeans and black tee to put on something a bit more suitable for the reception.   I then was ready  to meet more of the ISU Art Department faculty and grad students and we enjoyed a great meal and fun before Earle,  his wife Beth and I each tumbled into our suites in the ISU SUB.

The show came down in record time this morning and Earle managed to pack it all in my Honda and his Hyundai - quite a feat since the poster is 40" x 60," the actual arborglyph is 4' tall and weighs in over a 100 pounds, and  there were  10 rolls of all my panels, one medium size box full of bubblewrapped castings   and another box of his castings that is easily 6' x 1' x 1'.  This long, handmade carton  went in through the passenger window of my Civic  and rode shotgun AND backseat driver  the entire 250 miles back to Boise.

Here's a few shots of the Pocatello Show.

I really love how the shadows of a nearby panel create a shadow of a tree on this panel and the light also  casts a shadow from the cut panel on the wall behind.

This one has a little bit of everything and I snapped it just before we pulled the show down.  I can see now that some of the tree panels needed a bit of adjusting, but the photo includes some vertical and horizontal panels with the requisite shadows -  and Earle's castings are all facing forward like someone told them all to look at the camera and say "cheese!"

Next week I should be wrapping up ArtPrize and this blog.  But, I've been busy creating a  new blog now that I've got this one under by belt.  Blogging hasn't been nearly as painful as I anticipated and to be honest, I've really enjoyed it.

See you sometime next week - and I hope I'll be just full of good news!