Monday, November 16, 2009

A Garden in our Grove

Here's a photo from New Holland Brewery with artist Pamela Krikke's glass and copper gardens in the foreground.  Pamela arranged for the venue and Ric did the install.  This time the trees and castings are suspended from a second story ceiling and are several feet above the floor.  According to Pamela there are skylights that allow the natural light to shine through the filagree of the  trees and canopies on the castings, panels and floor.   Pamela has taken Immigrant Shadows to new heights and Earle and I are both very grateful to her for her vision and this opportunity to collaborate.

Earle and I leave Thursday for Lewiston to install another show.  Earle's driving his motor home and we should arrive late and be ready to hang it all on Friday.   The last time I was in Lewiston was for the kick-off for the Lewis and Clark centennial several years ago.

Look out, Lewiston!  Here we come.